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The first thing you understand when handling a Fameed Khalique scarf is that this is a product handcrafted using rare skills not seen outside of haute couture ateliers. While the handle of the leathers is exceptionally soft, these scarves are designed to be lived in as much to be marvelled at. It’s this combination of true luxury, exquisite fabrication, and incredible versatility that makes them a genuinely unique product because with every use, the scarves evolve, the intricate patterns conforming to your contours or reacting to the various ways you drape or tie them around you. The beauty of leather and suede when worked into geometric patterns and weaves is that it becomes a wholly dynamic fabric, creating movement and tactility that few other accessories can offer. 

How you incorporate Fameed Khalique scarves into your wardrobe is where the fun starts. Designed to be gender-fluid, the scarves are the perfect way to add personality and individuality to a look. Much like a piece of furniture can complement any interior aesthetic if chosen on the merits of its own beauty, the same goes for Fameed Khalique scarves. They effortlessly complement both formal and casual attire, elevating whatever you’re wearing. For men, leather and suede represents the perfect canvas with which to contrast natural fibres such as cashmere and wool. If the suit is the modern gentleman’s armour then the chainmail-like weave of a black nappa leather scarf is a chic and textural extension of his status. Simply draped over a charcoal suit to break up its uniformity, or conversely tied in a nonchalant Parisian knot and layered above a pea coat or great coat, it’s the combination of textures that really makes a statement. For more casual outfits, look to create a tonal effect by restricting your colour palette, which will in turn accentuate the scarf’s texture. Try pairing Fameed Khalique’s micro-perforated baby blue suede scarf with a similarly blue bomber jacket or suede blouson. Alternatively, a beige woven nappa mesh scarf is the perfect complement to a camel coat and other neutral tones.

Equally versatile for women, Fameed Khalique scarves and shawls can be used to dress up or down an outfit, whether it be as a textural contrast to elegant eveningwear or a chic adjunct to cosy weekend wear. The bonded leather and cashmere scarf is cut in such a way that it takes on a bodycon effect when loosely draped, naturally following the curves of the body and making it the perfect showpiece to layer upon a statement dress. Woven suede and woven nappa leather scarves have a more casual sensibility and will provide a stunning textural contrast against mohair, alpaca and fur knits or coats. The micro-perforated and hexagonal honeycomb scarves can either be worn in a more masculine way with, say, a cropped leather blouson, jeans and ankle or biker boots or, in the case of the gold and silver nappa styles, can be inherently glamorous and feminine with an evening dress. Similarly, a black woven leather fringed scarf makes for a subtle monochrome embellishment to a little black dress. The shawls and capes raise the stakes once more and really need to be worn to be believed. Wonderfully protective from the elements, they are like sensual cocoons you won’t want to emerge from! Some come woven in nappa lambskin leather and wool, giving them a comforting weightiness without ever feeling heavy, while a black Italian cashmere cape with a multi-coloured leather fringe and leather contouring provides a gothic twist to the ultimate expression of luxury natural fibres. However you decide to wear them, Fameed Khalique creations are the perfect couture embellishments.