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The Fameed Khalique Signatures

A deep knowledge of couture finishes can be seen in the collection which shows off Khalique’s avant-garde imagination, where fantastical embroidery and inspiring techniques take centre stage.

our excellences

Sartorial craftmanship are at the heart of this prêt-à-porter collection

Everything offered in the Fameed Khalique universe has this unwavering attention to detail and is the height of contemporary elegance. We specialise in fabric innovation & material excellence.

Leather & Suede

Leather was the first material I started with so it carries a special place in my heart. We are constantly creating new ways to treat leather - and our scarves are a great example of that.


Nothing speaks to couture fashion more than embroidery.The skill, the techniques and the sheer extravagance of hand work have always mesmerised me. Therefore it was always inevitable they would become a Fameed Khalique signature.

Woven Fabrics

Noble fibres such as cashmere, silk, wool and linen form the cornerstone of any luxury offering. In our collection they are mixed in surprising combinations and sit alongside velvet jacquards, sustainable hemp and nettle fibres.

“I get a real kick out of finding incredible materials and techniques in our interiors business. And I love the reaction of my customers when we surprise them. We’ve taken the same materials and techniques, and in experimenting with different combinations, we have transformed them into unique pieces for our lifestyle collection. Apart from being gorgeous to touch or wear, they are also real talking points”

– Fameed Khalique